Pride Month 2020 – Celebrating a month for everyone with crisps for everyone

One of our core values as a brand is inclusivity, our free from plus crisps are designed to be inclusive of everyone and encourage good times through shared experiences.

June marks Pride month, a celebration of diversity in our communities and making the LGBTI+ community feel included and valued, something that hugely resonates with our brand identity.

This year will be a different one for Pride as we are not able to have the multitude of colourful, powerful, and moving marches that usually take place across the world. However, on Saturday 27 June, Pride organisations from across the world will celebrate Global Pride 2020.

With musical and artistic performances, speeches from activists and campaigners, and addresses by public figures, 24 hours of content will be streamed that reflects and celebrates the beautiful diversity of LGBTI+ people everywhere.

Celebrate diversity and inclusivity with us in all forms, visit to find out how you can get involved, and if you want some snack power to enjoy alongside we know of some delicious crisps that you should try!

3 ways Ten Acre supports the environment

As a company we are passionate about being a sustainable business with a conscious awareness of our impact on the environment.

When you choose to pick up a pack of Ten Acre crisps you can be safe in the knowledge that we are trying to make a positive impact on the environment too!

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Our crisps are plant based and vegan approved

Did you know that farming animals is one of the biggest contributors to climate change? Meat and dairy production causes 14.5% of planet-warming gases. Therefore, eating a more plant based is a fantastic way to have a positive impact on the environment.

  1. The potatoes used to make our crisps are grown in the UK

Ten Acre crisps are made using potatoes grown in the Ten Acre field at Fairfields Farm in Colne Valley in Colchester, Essex. This means you are reducing your food miles every time you choose Ten Acre crisps!

  1. Our farm uses renewable energy

All of our energy is generated from our home at Fairfields Farm using sustainable technologies including anaerobic digestion and solar power. Even the waste sunflower oil used to cook the crisps goes to make biofuel!

These are just some of the many benefits of eating Ten Acre crisps, if you are feeling inspired to try them for yourself head down to the free from aisle in your local Waitrose and pick up a pack!

Everyone loves Crisps Challenge

In June we challenged some of your favourite vegan and gluten free influencers to come up with their favourite crisp pairing to go with one of the three flavours stocked in Waitrose: Salt & Vinegar, (not) Cheese and Onion and Hickory BBQ.

Here are some of the brilliant pictures they shared:


I paired the smoky BBQ with a smoky vegan sausage sandwich and they went together so well

Salt & vinegar I dipped (honestly more like drowned) in @leonrestaurants spicy mayo, the perfect blend of salt and spice

And lastly with this horrid rain I’m taking the cheese & onion straight to bed for a movie marathon👌🏼 As somewhat of a crisp connoisseur I am in love with these crisps – they have that real potatoes good quality taste you get with premium brands like Kettle Chips and the flavours are spot on! Also ofc they are GF AND vegan (yes even the cheese ones)!! Defo recommend to all – head to Waitrose now and let me know what you would pair them with 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️


With lockdown, has come a weekly Zoom chat involving cocktails and snacks, and these crisps are the perfect addition!
Tonight we tried a Scarlett O’Hara cocktail (from Gone with the Wind). A mix of @southerncomfort , cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime – delicious and VERY drinkable! 😅😅
I paired tonight’s southern-inspired cocktail with the BBQ flavour (defs my favourite flavour already!) 😋


A classic plate of Ploughman’s 🍅🍞🥪 paired with the most delish CHEESE 🧀 & ONION 🧅 #tenacrecrisps 🥔🥔

 We would love for more people to take part in this challenge!

Pop down to your local Waitrose and pick up a pack of Ten Acre crisps then post a picture of your favourite way to enjoy them on Instagram making sure to tag us and use the hashtag #EveryoneLovesCrisps!

PRESS RELEASE: Waitrose Extends Free From Snack Range with Ten Acre Crisps

Quirky Vegan crisp brand, Ten Acre, is now available in 157 Waitrose stores across the UK, as the upmarket supermarket chain extends its range of snacks suitable for all diets.

Three flavours in the Hand Cooked Ten Acre Crisp range are now available in Waitrose stores: The Story of When the Cheese Met the Onion, When Hickory Got BBQ’d and The Amazing Adventures of Salt and Vinegar. The new listing means Waitrose customers will be able to treat themselves to delicious gluten free, dairy free and vegan crisps in flavours that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

“We are very excited to see our fabulous Ten Acre brand hitting the shelves of Waitrose,” explains Robert Strathern, owner of the brand. “Ten Acre offers a selection of delicious hand-cooked crisps that are perfect for those following special diets. As the whole Ten Acre range is suitable for Vegans those looking for a cheese and onion fix… without compromising their choice to eat dairy free … now only have to visit their local Waitrose store!”

“Ten Acre is available in the free from aisle and we expect them to be particularly popular with discerning Waitrose customers who seek out delicious new snacking ideas,” adds Robert.

Ten Acre crisps are available in six delicious flavours: The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends, When the Chilli got Sweet, The Amazing Adventures of Salt and Vinegar, The Story of When the Cheese Met the Onion, The Secret Of Mr Salt and When Hickory Got BBQ’d. Every flavour is suitable for vegans and those following gluten free or dairy free diets. Ten Acre crisps are also MSG free and Kosher.