This November, people across the UK are taking on the ultimate challenge, to go Vegan for the month! If you’re taking on Veg Pledge, it’s a time to get adventurous in the kitchen and try new recipes, as well as boosting your fibre and vitamin intake before winter hits.

As vegan aficionados, we’ve put together our top five things you’re going to need to know before going Vegan for the month:

1. Find vegan alternative to your favourite foods!

Cheese and chocolate are two examples which come up time & time again when people are unsure about going Vegan. So may we suggest a couple of our picks: Applewood Vegan Smoky Cheese is an ultimate favourite and Tony’s do a great range of vegan chocolate bars, including Dark Almond Sea Salt – yum!

2. Take it at your own pace, this is definitely not a race!

Cutting out meat and animal products all at once is much harder than slowly reducing your consumption. If you’re a vegetarian already, why not removing dairy products to begin with and then start removing eggs, honey etc in time.

3. Seek support

Why not trying to go vegan with a friend or family member? Or join a support group, we can recommend joining the Challenge 22 community, who have an online support group and share daily tips & recipes, to keep you motivated!

4. Find foodie inspiration!

There are so many inspiring influencers sharing recipe ideas on Instagram, or simply search for ‘Vegan Recipes’ on Pinterest, you won’t be disappointed!

5. Always allow treats!

Just because you’re going vegan it doesn’t mean you have to only eat veggies, and including treats makes it so much more fun. Our whole range of crisps is vegan friendly, which make a great treat or addition to your lunch box!

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